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Elevating Sauder's Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) Branding


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity Design

Market Research

Concept Development


Adobe Creative Suite



Meta Analytics

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At the heart of the Sauder School of Business, the Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) thrived as a student-led initiative, passionately connecting with high school students through impactful presentations. However, CAP faced a significant challenge – its brand lacked a clear identity. Existing assets were scattered, and the logo, once reminiscent of Sauder's door, needed a complete makeover. The goal was to create a unique brand identity that genuinely embodied CAP's core values while standing distinct from Sauder.


CAP's branding struggled to distinguish itself, closely resembling Sauder's brand. The challenge was to redefine CAP's visual identity while ensuring it authentically reflected CAP's core values, such as a welcoming community, student-centered approach, and career-oriented benefits.


To chart CAP's transformation, comprehensive research was conducted, including a careful analysis of CAP's unique value from other Sauder clubs and services. The insights paved the way for a data-driven brand strategy, emphasizing CAP's commitment to innovation, excellence, and social good.

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Inspired by CAP's mission to open doors of opportunity, a fresh logo design emerged, representing the new beginnings that awaited high school students. The logo, unlike before, now held its unique identity, vividly embodying CAP's core values of inclusivity and ambition.

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The new brand elements came alive across a range of materials, including social media posts and presentation deck templates. The focus was on ensuring a consistent, memorable, and exclusive look for CAP.


In this project, I developed a branding kit, which included a brand new logo along with its scalable forms, typefaces, and social media asset templates in both Adobe and Canva formats to guide the service's internal marketing team.​

A marketing campaign accompanied CAP's relaunch, with a strong presence on social media and email marketing, and strategic copywrite that embodied CAP's core values. The campaign celebrated CAP's unique culture, showcasing its dedication to social impact and innovation.

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During the initial two weeks after the relaunch, CAP experienced a remarkable 300% increase in social media engagement. This increase was quantified by tracking metrics such as profile visits, followers, likes, email subscriptions, and the conversion rate for membership acquisition. The data highlighted the significant impact of the brand transformation on attracting and connecting with the target audience, showcasing the effectiveness of the reimagined CAP branding.

💭 Lessons Learned

By infusing creativity and strategic storytelling, CAP's new logo and branding embodied the essence of the program's vision.


🏆 Bonus Win

Having my work featured on the iconic Sauder Big TV Screen felt so awesome :)

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