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Nurturing Wellness: A Refreshing Visual Identity for Heal U


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I played a pivotal role in shaping the branding identity for Heal U, a new and dynamic health and wellness center. The project involved crafting a logo and establishing cohesive visual brand guidelines that would position Heal U as a holistic destination for well-being seekers.


Heal U aimed to position itself as a well-rounded health and wellness centre, offering a diverse range of services. The challenge was to create a cohesive brand identity that communicated the centre's holistic approach while distinguishing it from other wellness centres in the market. The new branding needed to inspire trust, convey vitality, and resonate with both existing and potential clients seeking personalized health solutions.


In collaboration with the center's team, I designed a new logo that symbolized interconnectedness and balance. Drawing inspiration from color theory, soft shades of blues and greens were carefully chosen to represent calmness, harmony, and growth. The logo incorporated a gentle, curvy sans serif font paired with an icon symbol of a stethoscope, representing the center's commitment to personalized care and well-being.


Alongside the logo, I crafted comprehensive visual brand guidelines that extended the chosen color palette and font choices throughout all marketing materials. This ensured a consistent brand experience and strengthened the emotional connection between Heal U and its clientele.


Using color theory principles, I designed the brand's logo to evoke a sense of freshness and purity, utilizing shades of blue to convey a calming and rejuvenating experience. Additionally, I crafted comprehensive visual brand guidelines, ensuring consistent brand application across all touchpoints.

To facilitate future design work, I created easily customizable templates for various marketing materials, ensuring a seamless and coherent brand identity across different communication channels.

HealUAsset 2_4x.png


I executed the sales acquisition strategy with meticulous planning, ensuring seamless coordination across all channels, including choosing the right digital platforms, in-store promotions, and local influencer partnerships.


The revitalized branding identity played a crucial role in Heal U's successful market entry as a new business. The logo and cohesive visual branding helped establish a strong brand presence, catching the attention of health enthusiasts and potential clients.

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