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Redesigning Canada's Largest Business Undergraduate Society's 12-Year-Old Visual Brand Book


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity Design

Market Research

Concept Development


Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign)

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Tasked with revitalizing the visual brand book of Canada's largest business undergraduate society, the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS), my mission was to breathe new life into a 12-year-old branding legacy. The challenge was to modernize and reinvigorate the society's visual identity while preserving its essence and long-standing reputation.


The existing visual brand book needed a fresh perspective to reflect the society's evolution and keep it relevant to the current generation. The challenge was to strike a balance between modernity and tradition, ensuring that the redesigned brand book resonated with students, alumni, and stakeholders alike.


  • Repositioning CUS as a forward-thinking society: We sought to elevate CUS's image as a dynamic and progressive society, embracing innovation and the future while respecting its heritage.

  • Emphasizing personal, professional and creative development: Our strategy focused on highlighting CUS's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals by offering opportunities for personal, professional, and creative growth.

  • Crafting a cohesive brand narrative: We aimed to create a seamless overarching brand narrative that unified the diverse 25 services and 15 clubs the CUS houses, projecting a cohesive image to the audience.

  • Infusing modern aesthetics with timeless brand image: The creative concept incorporated contemporary design elements while infusing them with symbolic representations of CUS's core values and traditions.

CUS Visuals.png


The execution included comprehensive guidelines for various aspects of the visual brand, including:

  1. Brand Voice Refinement: Collaborating with the marketing team, we fine-tuned CUS's brand voice to ensure clear and consistent messaging that resonated with the target audience.

  2. Colour Palette and Typography Guidelines: While retaining the existing logo and colors, we expanded the brand's color palette with shades and tints for increased versatility. Additionally, we established comprehensive typography guidelines, outlining font choices and usage rules.

  3. Design Guidelines and Visual Assets: We meticulously crafted design guidelines for logo usage, clear space, minimum size, and permissible variations to maintain visual consistency across all applications. Additionally, we developed visual assets, including custom icons and imagery guidelines, to enhance brand communication.



Upon completion, the newly crafted brand book made its grand debut on the society's website, and we ensured its seamless dissemination to the executives of all 40+ affiliated organizations, including clubs and services. This successful implementation resulted in a 25% increase in brand visibility, fostering a cohesive and impactful representation across the entire society.

💭 Lessons Learned

Balancing tradition with modernity, understanding stakeholders' perspectives, and meticulous execution are key to a successful visual brand redesign

🏆 Bonus Win

Seeing my work disseminated throughout the Sauder community and being able to leave my legacy while working with the CUS!

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