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Alcaline Water Branding and Marketing Campaign


Consumer Research

Branding & Identity Design

Maketing Strategy

Project Management


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In this project, I conducted consumer research to develop a data-driven sales acquisition strategy for promoting the benefits of alkaline water and creating a compelling brand identity. Additionally, I took charge of designing the brand's logo, visual brand guidelines, and customizable templates to facilitate the work of future design teams.


The owners of the Alcaline Water brand challenged me to revitalize the product's brand identity, increase brand awareness, and boost sales acquisition. They wanted a comprehensive marketing campaign that resonates with health-conscious consumers, educates them about the unique benefits of alkaline water, and empowers them to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The primary goal was to position Alkaline Water as a go-to choice for revitalizing hydration, while effectively differentiating it from other water products in the market.


I crafted a marketing campaign that focused on two strategies to maximize brand engagement and drive sales acquisition:

  • "Get Your First Alkaline on Us": To drive initial consumer trial and encourage adoption, this promotion offered a complimentary gallon of Alkaline Water with any purchase of other premium water products. By leveraging this strategy, I aimed to encourage consumers to experience the revitalizing benefits of alkaline hydration.

  • Brand Loyalty and Sustainability: Taking charge of the campaign's execution, I introduced the refill discount strategy, providing a discount to customers who returned their empty water gallons for a refill. This approach aimed to foster a loyal customer base committed to making healthier choices while reducing single-use plastic waste.

Alcaline-Posters (2).png


Using color theory principles, I designed the brand's logo to evoke a sense of freshness and purity, utilizing shades of blue to convey a calming and rejuvenating experience. Additionally, I crafted comprehensive visual brand guidelines, ensuring consistent brand application across all touchpoints.

To facilitate future design work, I created easily customizable templates for various marketing materials, ensuring a seamless and coherent brand identity across different communication channels.

Alcaline-Content-03 (2).png
Alcaline-Content-04 (2).png


I executed the sales acquisition strategy with meticulous planning, ensuring seamless coordination across all channels, including choosing the right digital platforms, in-store promotions, and local influencer partnerships.


The "Get Your First Alkaline on Us" campaign led to a remarkable 40% increase in new customer acquisition and a 35% surge in overall sales during the campaign launch. Additionally, the refill discount strategy resulted in an impressive 45% increase in repeat purchases. These results highlight the success of our marketing efforts in driving customer engagement, sales growth, and brand loyalty for Alkaline Water.

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